Webinar Resources: The Pen Is Mightier … Cash In on Your Creativity, with Werner Schmidt

By Werner Schmidt

19 April 2024
The Pen Is Mightier – and more PROFITABLE FUN – than the sword! Enjoy the webinar video, worksheet HowTo video and worksheet, aaand ACTION! Take your creativity and innovation to your next level. Bring more meaning to your days, and, surprise, surprise, more cash to your bank account, before you know it!

Develop your inner Creative Innovator* … As easy as 123 … with Werner Schmidt, Leadership & Business Coach
[*Warning: May lead to entrepreneurial joy and moolah.}
Engage with Werner in a practical, inspirational session to:
1. Develop your personal style of creativity and innovation
2. Enhance your growth mindset, resilience, creativity & innovation discipline and training
3. Discover value exchange opportunities along your creative innovation road

FREE Worksheet included for all registered participants:
Let’s call it a ‘Map Your Ideas Canvas,’ shall we?
The frame for this canvas includes,
+ Identify Problems, Needs, Gaps that speak to you
+ Riff-off the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Inner Development Goals
+ Contemplate a contemporary formula for sustainability = People + Planet + Prosperity

So, what are you waiting for? The webinar won’t cost you a cent, and may end up changing your world …


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