Webinar recording: Mondays, Models, Money, Meaning and your invitation to a 10-day challenge

By Werner Schmidt

17 January 2024
Your Journey Map for your 10-day challenge: Pearls in Popular Problems

5 online impact webinars (30 to 45 minutes each). Our conversation series will inspire and guide you to become positively obsessed with all of your major problems, to discover the pearls within each, and what to do after discovery:
+ Conversation 1: Problems at Me, Myself, I level, including time, money, relationships, health, wellness, technology.  We might even throw politics into the mix, before chucking it out the window!
+ Conversation 2: Problems at Home, including partner problems (or lack-of-partner problems), parents, siblings, children, family & other domestic challenges. You may be inspired to outlaw some of your inlaws …
+ Conversation 3: Problems at Work, as entrepreneur or employee, leader/manager or specialist. People are people, so why should it be …?
+ Conversation 4: Problems with Money. The making of money, the keeping, the investing versus wasting.
+ Conversation 5: Celebration of the pearls within your problems, paving the road ahead

Looking forward to inspiring and challenging you to grow well, en route to your pearls, through your problems!

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