[Books, Micro-story #10] Treasure

By Werner Schmidt

31 August 2021

From my collection: 29 Chinchillas

I look at you again, girl, tonight. You lie topless in front of the fire, in paisley pants, enjoying shadow dancers on the ceiling.
HuckleFairy Finn.
That little man, your brother, already snoring like a professional croup-ear. We check his every breath. Air in. Wait. Air out. Temperature. The time since his last bottom rocket pill.
Princess, what blessed moments. You are unaware of cultural norms like 34C forms. You simply tell yourself stories. Jumping, skipping. Hair streaming in the winds of your imagination. And now, you pause for a moment. Eyes smile as I touch you. My flat hand skis across your skin.
How long will I have you like this?
Maybe if I start checking your breathing as meticulously as that brave little man’s, I might remember, forever – our coughing Cupid wonderland, featuring our blonde blue-eyed Kewpie Doll.
She, who creates friends and fables from thin air.

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Credits: Thank you!
Cover image:Derek Thomson on Unsplash
Thula Baba instrumental version on YouTube
Nature video: G Korb on YouTube

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