Captain’s* Prologue

A prologue is optional. A Captain’s* Prologue is mandatory if one wants to take one’s readers in orbits around this little universe, filled with strange interstellar stuff, but mostly space. You know – that nothing.

This collection will never feel complete. Perhaps because it is my first and one of a number of virginities I’ve lost in recent years. Maybe because I keep waiting for approval from The Impossibles, even after surrendering these paper planes to the winds of public opinion.

Have I given myself sufficient permission to play with these poems and to patch my wounded ship – with images – mid-voyage

Please let me be mid-voyage? So much I still want to do.

One of the things I love about writing, and poetry, in particular, is that it is both inspired by and part of my life – a snake eating itself.


Time for some bare feet and guitar. Let me sing songs for all seasons in our cool backyard sandbox with you – my lovelies. Let’s watch bubbles, birds and planes until they disappear.

* The Captain is also a passenger (another snake eating itself )

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Music credits – Thank you!
Ross Bugden’s fantastic Interstellar from his YouTube Channel.
Cover image credits – Thank you!
Photo by Josh Gordon on Unsplash.

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