Modern Folk Singer-Songwriter

∞♪♪♪ Minstrel Musician: original tunes tinted with touches of Rock, Reggae & World Music.

Soulful lyrics. Memorable melodies.
Easy listening.

Like the minstrels of old, I weave musical storylines from the roads I’ve travelled. What a blessing it is to bring lyrics, notes, melodies from my journey in exchange for food, drink and money notes, to fund my further travels. Original songs in conversation with well-known cover versions. Always aimed at inspiring and uplifting the audience, I will gladly add my unique touch to your event. As a story man, my setlists are crafted as storylines. Songs are characters, to me, each with a voice, a message, and I love to create dialogues between them.

In & outdoor garden parties. Corporate events. Year-end functions. Food and wine pairings. Restaurants. Festivals. Coffee shops. Birthdays. Weddings. Fundraisers. Team-building. Sometimes with a sound system, often times just me dancing through the guests with my voice and ukulele, asking you about your day, then playing a song to make it better, or even better. And, yes, I will blend a bespoke keynote address, djembe stories, team-building activities and audience-engaging interactivity into the mix, upon your request.

The inspiration for my original music is Life itself, the magical realism lens through which I view the cosmos, from the genesis of it all to the compost heap in our yard. The characters who cross my path, some for a moment, some for a season, others for decades. Often times, as I walk through cultured nature (the suburbs), a furry tail (fairy tale?) at my feet, sometimes hand in hand with a beloved, a new song appears. Also when I breach the surface of my own blues ocean. What can I say? Good and bad will come my way … We’re walking in dust, we’re dancing in rain … Good morning to you, my friend, so nice to feel your face … Why was I born on this earth? Who measures my self-worth? … Used to walk the streets, a furry tail at my feet. Feathers in the trees painted rainbow melodies …

Every stage is a blessing, and so is every audience. When returning to the same stage, it feels like I’m travelling the world, as I behold the diversity of people in the audience, the changing seasons, my own changes. Engagement and interactivity are interwoven with my style of performance. Working with a team of hospitality professionals to enhance your event, we bring to life DJ Opperman’s words, ‘the greatest joy on earth flows from the trinity of food, drink and conversation,’ to which I add, in concert with music, stories and joyful tears.                                                                                                                          ♪♪♪∞



Minstrel, MC & Storyteller

Once upon a time, you contacted Werner for your bespoke dose of steeply storied modern minstrel magic ♪
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Second Album Project, working title: Songs From My Morning Walk

From My Heart To Yours

Debut Album – The Story of Adam & If

Experience the voice of Werner’s heart, through his debut album – The Story of Adam & If, about being human and our choices in life – with eleven original tracks to inspire you. A studio production with a live flavour. Soulful lyrics, memorable melodies, easy listening. The full album and singles are available at all online stores. Simply click on the images and experience what happens. This will take you to a menu page, where you may sample the music and download via your preferred platform. Werner’s music truly is for everyone: Like it? Download and enjoy. Don’t like it? Download and punish your enemies. #SingYouLater 

Modern Folk Singer-Songwriter

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